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Nils Kugelmann


„Kugelmann is always dealing with the significant things that music can transport: Beauty, tension, hope, passion.“

 BMW Young Artist Jazz Award

Nils Kugelmann Trio Album Stormy Beauty

Stormy Beauty will be released on June 30, 2023 by ACT.

„This album is a must-have.“

Paris Move

„Nils Kugelmann's compositions [...] belong to the most elegant that can be heard in jazz today.“

BR Klassik


"Kugelmann is a master at creating atmospheres in his compositions."

Passauer Neue Presse


Kopie von 10.05. Jazzclub Augsburg (8).png

10.05.23    Nils Kugelmann Trio    Augsburg

22.05.23    Gregor Hübners MCC      München

25.05.23    Nils Kugelmann Trio    Puchheim

27.05.23    Nils Kugelmann Trio    Jazzrally Düsseldorf

31.05.23    Nils Kugelmann Trio    Jazztage Görlitz

03.06.23    Nils Kugelmann Trio    München

04.06.23    Leo Ebert Quartett    Mainz

05.06.23    Leo Ebert Quartett   Mainz

10.06.23    Jazzrausch Bigband   Berlin

16.06.23    Luca Zambito Quartett  Wien

18.06.23    Luca Zambito Quartett  München

22.06.23    Nils Kugelmann Trio    Regensburg

23.06.23    Johannes Enders Quartett    Weilheim

06.07.23    Shuteen Erdenebaatar Quartett   Jazzfestival Südtirol

16.07.23    Luca Zambito Quartett  Jazzweekend Regensburg

16.07.23    Munich Jazz Collectiv  Jazzweekend Regensburg

20.07.23    Luca Zambito Quartett  Berlin

22.07.23    Shuteen Erdenebaatar Quartett Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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