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Nils Kugelmann Trio


Nils Kugelmann (bass, composition)

Luca Zambito (piano)

Sebastian Wolfgruber (drums)

The beauty of nature, deep human feelings and the pure joy of making music together inspire Nils Kugelmann in the writing for his trio. Kugelmann was just awarded with the "BMW Young Artist Jazz Award" for his work as a player and composer and with the first price at the "European Young Artists‘ Award 2023" with the Nils Kugelmann Trio.

With pianist Luca Zambito (among others winner of the "Young Munich Jazz Award") and drummer Sebastian Wolfgruber (LBT, Fazer, Embryo) his trio features two equally award-winning and passionate musicians of young German jazz. Together, the three long-time companions have already won prizes at the "Förderpreis des Bayerischen Jazzverbands" and at the "Future Sounds Wettbewerb" in Leverkusen. 

In addition to the communicative and risk-taking interplay, Kugelmann's compositions also create an unmistakable band sound. His history as a classical composer is clearly noticeable. In this way, cinematically energetic sound worlds are created that deeply captivate and touch the listener from the very first note.


The basis and the common heartbeat of the three exceptional talents, however, is the deep connection and love for jazz. What emerges from this is music that wants to be heard - driven by a tangible joy of playing, full trust in each other, the lightness of friendship and a wonderfully powerful and driving bass sound that bears Nils Kugelmann's unique signature.

June 2023 the debut album "Stormy Beauty" was released on the ACT label. It got nominated for the German Record Critics' Award and was well received by the international press:

"A brilliant album by one of the most universal musicians in this country."

Süddeutsche Zeitung (DE)

"More than a debut, Stormy Beauty sets the stage for three new voices to engage imaginations and, hopefully, enlighten futures. "
All About Jazz (US)

"Great young masters of sophisticated beauty."

BR Klassik

"All the tracks on "Stormy Beauty" are true masterpieces [...] and this album is a must-have."
Paris Move (FR)

"Music that goes under your skin."

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