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Shuteen Erdenebaatar (piano, comp)

Nils Kugelmann (contra alto clarinet, comp)

The duo "Lightville" recently caused a sensation not only because of the extremely rare contra-alto clarinet. Together, pianist and composer Shuteen Erdenebaatar and Nils Kugelmann create one thing above all: great emotional moments. And they do so with sounds "as if from another world" (Biberach Jazz Prize). 

Erdenebaatar and Kugelmann have recently won numerous prizes, including the "BMW Young Artist Jazz Award" and the "Music Scholarship of the City of Munich" respectively, the "Young Munich Jazz Prize", as well as prizes at the "Biberach Jazz Prize", "Förderpreis des Bayerischen Jazzverbands" and "Future Sounds Competition" in Leverkusen. Erdenebaatar was also named as one of the most promising artists for the year 2023 by the Bavarian Broadcasting and the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

As unique as the contra-alto clarinet played by Nils Kugelmann is the interplay of the two exceptional musicians. As if played with the same heartbeat, quiet moments alternate with dramatic ones, creating a concert experience that stays in the mind and, above all, in the hearts of the listeners.

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